Ways To Earn An Engineering Scholarship

Engineering is one of the most lucrative career fields in the country. There are many high-paying jobs in the industry and there is a constant need for new skilled workers. The career also requires high grades, hard work and years of study. Tuition costs are relatively high for students who are pursuing a career as an engineer. There are a number of engineering scholarships available to students who are entering school or who are working to complete an undergraduate degree. The requirements are primarily academic, although there are some other factors that will make it easier for a student to acquire assistance.

Basic Requirements

Many people enter college with the intention of becoming an engineer and then change career paths later because of the difficult coursework. An engineering scholarship is based largely on academic performance. Applicants must maintain a high grade point average (GPA) while also showing a genuine interest in the subjects that are being studied. Several engineering scholarships rely on an essay more than grades. The essay that is submitted to a committee should express why a career as an engineer has been chosen. It is also important to cover what areas will be studied as well as some realistic goals for the future.


Engineers work in a wide range of different capacities and often have completely different sets of skills. This is one reason why there is such a diverse range of engineering scholarships available that are based on the exact concentration of the student. There are programs designed to help people studying nuclear, chemical or civic engineering. Finding a concentration as early as possible is one way to increase the chances of earning a scholarship.


There are engineering scholarships available for people who are underrepresented within the wider industry. These awards are designed to encourage women, low-income individuals and those with a particular cultural heritage to attend school and become trained professionals in the field. Some of these diversity awards are granted through national institutions, while others are actually provided by individual universities. A few of these programs include other types of scholarships that focus more broadly on careers in science or math.

Government And Industry Competitions

Engineers are required by the government, contractors and any company that creates industrial products. This has resulted in national competitions where students are given the opportunity to display personal talents as an engineer. The competition winners are often given an engineering scholarship that will help to pay for tuition and other expenses while in school. Some of these competitions are held by defense contractors, government agencies and multinational corporations as a way to support and encourage new talent.