Why Do People Love to Work With Animals?

It’s a dream for many to one day work with animals, why is this? What makes it so great?

We look into the benefits of this kind of work on your lifestyle, health, happiness… even your waistline!

The Key to Happiness

Countless studies have been carried out to examine the feelings of happiness that people report when they interact or work with animals. Perhaps not surprisingly, they all seem to agree that animals not only actively lower stress levels but also release a ‘happy hormone’ called oxytocin, which makes us feel good!

Health Benefits

Oxytocin has also been found to have other powerful positive effects on overall health, by encouraging the body’s readiness to heal and generate new cells. Simply amazing!

Misty the cat could soon become the perfect colleague to work with. Animals are proven to significantly lower blood pressure for extended periods of time during and after a petting session.

Ask any pet owner or anyone who has the opportunity to work with animals and they’ll tell you that they rarely need a gym membership as they’re kept on their toes constantly – whether it’s exercising the animal, cleaning out their enclosures or playing with them.

Expect the Unexpected

They say never work with children or animals. Even though both are often unpredictable, this statement is a little unfair as sometimes the most memorable/funny/adorable moments have come from these spontaneous characters.

No Day is Ever the Same

You may work with animals that are not only different species but, as with people, animals also have their own unique personalities. Some may be boisterous, playful and exuberant where as others may be quiet, lonesome characters who prefer their own company. Although there is one thing you can be sure of: animals are generally very loyal creatures and if you show them some love and affection you’ll make friends for life.

There’s Still So Much to Learn

In many cases science and research studies have taught us a lot, but we still don’t know everything! There are a great many different areas of research, particularly within animal behaviours that cannot only tell us about particular species but also a great deal about human behaviours and characteristics.

There Are So Many Options

Just because you have decided that you’d like to work with animals it doesn’t mean that your choices are limited – quite the opposite in fact! There are so many avenues for exploration in almost every field – from healthcare, welfare, behavioural therapy, training, breeding, transportation, nutrition, conservation, pet supplies, veterinary work and many, many more! It’s worth thoroughly investigating and finding out what related jobs exist to match your personal interests.