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In this Article the information about the history of zero and its importance, its usage in various cultures is discussed, in addition to that its relevance and importance in fields other than mathematics is discussed

According to Charles Seife, author of “Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea”, The Number zero was first used in West circa 1200; it was delivered by an Italian Mathematician, who joined this, with the Arabic numerals. For Zero there are at least two discoveries, or inventions. He says that the one was from the Fertile Crescent. That first came to existence in Babylon, between 400 to 300 B.C. Seife also says that, before 0 getting developed in India, it started in Northern Africa and from the hands of Fibonacci and to Europe Via Italy.

Zero, initially was a mere place holder, Seife says ‘That is not a full zero’, “A Full zero is a number on its own; It’s the average of 1 and -1”. “In India zero took as a shape, unlike being a punctuation number between numbers, in the 5th century A.D.”, says Dr.Robert Kaplan. He is the author of “The nothing that is: A Natural History of Zero”. “It isn’t until then and not even full then, that Zero gets citizenship in the republic of numbers,” says Kaplan.

In Mayan Culture, In the new world the second look of Zero appears then, in the centuries of A.D. Also Kaplan says, “That I suppose Zero being wholly devised form the scratch”

An Italian book mentioned a point about Zero, saying that The usage of Zero by Ellenistic Mathematicians, would have defined a decimal notation equivalent to the system used by the Indo-Arabic. The Book is titled – “La rivoluzione dimenticata – The Forgotten Revolution” Russo, 2003, Feltrinolli by Lucio Russo.

The ancient Greeks were very doubtful about zero as being a number. They kept posing questions on this topic. “How can nothing be something?”, these questions led to philosophical arguments about the usage of zero. Comparing it with vacuum many discussions took place.

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More about the number zero origin:-

Zero is written as a circle or an eclipse. Earlier, there was no much difference between the letter o and 0. Type writers earlier had no distinction between o and 0. There was no special key installed on the type writer for zero. A slashed zero was used to distinguish between letter and digit. IBM used the digit zero by putting a dot in the center and this was continued in the Microsoft windows also. Another variation proposed at that time was a vertical bar instead of dot. Few fonts which were designed for the use in computer made the o letter more rounded and digit 0 more angular. Later the Germans had made a further distinction by slitting 0 on the upper right side.

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The value zero is used extensively in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and also Computer Sciences. In Physics zero is distinguished form all other levels. In Kelvin Scale the coolest temperature chosen is zero. In Celsius scale zero is measured to be the freezing point of water. The intensity of sound is measured in decibels or photons, wherein zero is set as a reference value.

Zero has got very importance as all its binary coding is to be done with 1’s and 0’s. Before the existence of 0 the binary coding is very difficult. The concept of arrays also uses 0 prominently, for n items it contains 0 to n-1 items. Database management always starts with a base address value of zero.