All That You Need to Know About Online TESL Certification

TESL refers to Teaching English as a Second Language which applies to situations where English is learned and taught in an environment where English is used on a daily basis as either an official or unofficial second language. Examples: India, Singapore, U.S. immigrants. U.S as well as international Students can opt for either in class certification courses which generally requires 60-200 working hours. Let us look at standard requirements and explore different career opportunities of availing this certification program.

Standard requirement

Basic requirement for enrolment into Online TESOL certification or TESL Certification course for the US students is as follows:

·Ability to speak English fluently.

·Must have a High school Diploma or any other equivalent degree or Diploma.

·Ability to obtain a US passport for easy job placement.

Other than the US citizens, Non -Native fluent English speaking and Native English Speakers worldwide can also opt for online and in-class programs. The standard requirements for in class or online TESOL certification for international students are:

·High school Diploma or equivalent.

·Fluent English Speaking Ability.

·Ability to legally work in another country or ability to obtain a working Visa for the country, student intends to teach English in.

·Clear background history for overseas job placement

American TESOL recommends that Non-Native English speakers have a 550 TOEFL score (220 CBT) or an IELTS 6.0 to enable you to successfully complete an online.

Career Opportunities

Online TESOL certification or online tesl certification entitles you to teach English anywhere across the globe. Some of the teaching opportunity currently includes China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. However, the opportunities are not limited to these countries. With the increasing commercialization and commerce, there is an increasing demand of English as an International language for better growth and development. Some of the Institutes offer online TESOL certification with full job placement support to their students on course completion. This facilitates easy securing of English teaching jobs in another country.

Online TESOL certification or Online TESL certification give their students an access to an interactive virtual learning centre, where they can post messages to their fellow students, and talk with instructors and at the same time ask question to them in real time. It also facilitates easy reviewing of their assignments online, checking out job offers and posting their resumes and pictures online. Thus, online TESOL certification is in no way lesser than in-class English teaching certification courses.

Students planning to opt for online TESOL certification need not have any prior teaching experience. These certification themselves offer relevant tools and lesson plans required for being a successful English teacher.