Organizing In The Dorm Room

If they are going off to college for the first time, there a quite a number of incoming freshman who are thrilled about all the possibilities in front of them. The opportunity to live on one’s own, new friends, fun campus activities and learning about themselves are just a few of the reasons as to why going away to college is a valuable experience. The majority of students generally have opportunities to live on campus or in an apartment with several roommates. All these quick changes can be a bit stressful but there are a number of aspects which can assist with the transition to dorm life. This article will talk about which items students should acquire in order to transform the dorm room into home away from home.

Warm and soft bed linens are a total necessity, especially for the days which feel lonesome and one is dreaming of their room from home. Extra long twin beds are the typical norm in most dorms so make sure you get the right fit. A good choice might be the linens manufactured with jersey knit which is very cozy and soft, they will keep one warm in the winter and cool in summer. However be certain you purchase at least two sets.

By purchasing identical hangers one can make their closet look more organized and neat. Plastic hangers that have small grooves are perfect for keeping camisoles or tank tops from slipping off. Drawer space can be quite minimal in a dorm room, so be sure to stock up on plenty of hangers in order to maximize one’s closet space. Space can sometimes be minimal in dorm rooms, so when packing for college be sure to bring only the clothes which are worn the most. A good rule of thumb is that if an item has not been worn in the last two seasons, then it’s safe to just leave it at home.

When deciding on electronic components like a TV, stereo or DVD player, it’s a necessity to coordinate with the roommates. One good solution is for one roommate to bring a single item and the other one to bring a single electronic. This keeps multiple electronics from crowding the room.

One way to keep the room space available is to purchase a good laundry basket in order to keep the piles of dirty laundry off of the floor, keeing it contained and not spread around. Another thing to help with keeping the dorm room space is to get some crates and storage bins.