Gravity Manipulation; Can We Trust People?

Human beings are acquiring closer to becoming capable to manipulate gravity, yet the dilemma is can we trust mankind and their battle mongering tendencies? Hell I usually do not; how about you? But as I converse I have a brother who is often a US Marine, which has a flight contract, who’s temporarily re-assigned to guard the Syrian-Iraq Border. Staying capable of manipulate gravity may well are available in handy, lifting a car away the floor, which has a suicide automobile bomber in it, then turning away from the equipment and letting it fall towards the floor. In fact the strategy is so tempting that absolutely it will likely be used in individual conflict; that would be to say the killing of our own personal species. However it is for that cause that such a wonder technology needs to be properly guarded and agreed upon in advance to how it will likely be utilised.

As soon as such a technologies exists you may image its destructive power within the mistaken palms including an World Terrorist selecting up a bus hundred-toes from the air and letting it drop if their demands are usually not met? Or maybe a nation which wishes to serve its political will getting a giant rock and roll nearly 100,000 and towing it through to your neighboring nation think for which they’ve a disagreement? Those people usually are not these types of pretty ideas, nevertheless kinds which needs to be contemplate as we advance our technologies to get utilized in aircraft, transportation making.

Should you consider making a building devoid of making use of harmful cranes or saving men and women in a very burning developing by lowering them safely to Earth you can see the positive aspects. No much more site visitors, cars can fly. No in-environment friendly aircraft as they fly to in which they would like to go and lower into location, protecting fuel to climb and property. No far more worries about launching satellites or placing colonies in orbit, as they could float up effortlessly and much easier than launching a balloon. Mining the moon could be straightforward much too or snatching an asteroid and placing it into geo-sync for wanted supplies. We could launch a room ship the measurement of an Aircraft Carrier and go visit our neighbors across the solar system and uncover all that we quest to study. Leaning of other worlds and everyday life of all types.

Here on Globe we could pick up significant ice cubs and set them in drought stricken or dried up lakes to supply water for our folks and those places with the planet, which have surpassed their mineral water provides because of population will increase. The likely for these kinds of technologies can preserve fuel, preserve pollution, produce mineral water, enable with materials we have to have and make transportation safer. Now then we have to even be taking into consideration it unfortunate employs due for the incontrovertible fact that people are still a warring species they usually may well use this sort of technologies for points, which can be not so noble. Assume on this.

The Evolution of Technology in Human Militaries

There has sure been lot of decent technology born from military tech, perhaps it’s too bad that we haven’t achieved such incredible technological breakthroughs without the actual war component. Okay so, let’s discuss this for a moment and come to terms with this from historical and philosophical perspective shall we?

If one takes the time to read Giulo Douhet’s book “The Command of the Air” – which is still available through the University of Alabama Press published in 2009, ISBN: 978-0-8173-5608-8 – a re-printed from Giulio Douhet’s 1929 work – then they will immediate see from his diary of thoughts from his work on the battlefield that the military technology of human conflict is alive and well, not only in his day – but also in our more modern era. Indeed, there is still more to come.

On the bottom of page 26 the author speaks to the future of war technology as a “constant evolution” on a graph, and almost seems to speak of an inflection-point concept where the cosign wave or military technology drops completely and starts again with a new paradigm due to the ability of aircraft to move regardless of terrain in a 3D space. Remember aircraft had just come to the battlefield in his day and changed the face of war forever.

Okay so I’d like to ask this question of the military planners, strategic thinkers, and visionaries of war technology today:

A.) Does that graph include a de-escalation of war, such as with the cold-war, or a time in the future when there is no war?

B.) It should, shouldn’t it?

That is to say will there be a future time when human wars cease to exist. I believe so, I truly do. Why you ask? Well, simply because logically and fundamentally they just don’t make sense. Why subject your civilization to future wars, causing destruction, and strife of a population only to have that group of folks rise up in the next generation to provide their concept of a suitable reciprocal response? See that point.

Just as the war game scenarios of MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction determined that a nuclear exchange was unthinkable and there would be no winner, one could ask; is there ever a winner in wartime? Really, a clear victory, no, not really, and victory doesn’t seem to last forever. Thus, what this tells me is that often the best option is to not play.

So, is not playing; the future objective of human wars? It should always be the objective is my belief. So, what will happen to the evolution of human conflict, will it evolve itself out of the game, will we rise to that occasion? Please consider all this and think on it.