Big Bang Theory

The claim that everything started from a big bang is hard to explain when one looks at the physics behind it. It is also opposed to the creation of all things by the Spirit of the Universe or to any form of control other than that of man. While the human mind has severe limitations in explain things beyond our scope then this theory is another myth that needs putting to bed.

A well-known astronomer pointed out in a television interview that if a single planet was even a fraction out of alignment then all of space would collapse. That does not speak of a massive explosion bringing everything into alignment without some super being making it so.

Science explains many things and the laws of physics was a marvelous discovery and they have proven to be correct over the last couple of centuries. They have helped us to understand how things work, how to put man into space, how to build and how to survive, among other things. But laws have a form of control that must exercise them.

We have community laws that have checks and balances to make them work. They are put in place by an authority, namely the government. They keep the society safe and are intended to help the things of daily life run smoothly. We also see from them that chaos can happen when arguments are long winded and more than one brain exercises their implementation.

The universal laws that keep planets in place and individual universes working properly are nothing to do with what man has come up with. A big bang would result in chaos were it to have happened and not the wonderful refined and beautiful things of earth and our solar environment. Leaving that entirely aside where would the matter that formed everything come from? The answer to that question must be that it was preexisting and that makes the argument for it inconceivable.